We support our clients to excel with fast changing regulations by use of modern technology

Ask Jacob!

  • Keep up with rapidly changing regulations.
  • Use Jacob’s search engine to quickly understand the impact of regulatory changes
  • Select your data fields or enter free text in the search field and find the most relevant and current regulatory text

A.I. Powered Insights

  • Compliance officers spend too much time reading and rereading regulation
  • Leverage the power of natural language processing and automation
  • Jacob connects current and ever changing regulation to your financial data and alerts you of necessary changes, potential impacts.

Network Effect

  • Compliance officers at different institutions are digesting the same regulatory documents
  • Share regulatory interpretation without sharing business secrets
  • Annotate regulatory text on the platform with your interpretation, and see suggested annotations based on behavior of other users

Meet Jacob

Jacob is a corporate startup from SIX.

Alexander Dorfmann
Géza Mihala
Thibaut Rouquette
Jacob Gertel